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All fees include sales tax
6 Month Prepay Membership

Individual Pre-pay

Household (2) Pre-pay                      

Senior Adult  Pre-pay 
​Senior Adult Household Pre-pay      

FREE Childcare for all children





6 Month Draft Memberships
Drafted 5 Months, Month 6 is FREE


Household (2)                     

Senior Adult                 

​Senior  Household  (2)  

FREE Childcare for all children





Monthly Memberships


Household (2 Members)                  

Senior Adults                

Senior Adults Household  (2)  





Additional Household Members

Day Visit                  

Single Class Visit
Visitors must receive a day pass from a staff member.

Senior Adult rates are for members 60 years old and older.
Household Members are defined as a social unit composed of those living together in the same dwelling.  This also includes college students who are dependent on their parents, whether they are currently living in the same household or away.  Proof of address may be  required.